Make the best decisions quickly through the potential of data management and analysis, understanding the past, monitoring the present, and predicting the future.


Make the best decisions quickly through the potential of data management and analysis, understanding the past, monitoring the present, and predicting the future.

The data and analytics of business are the key and differentiating element to compete in the 21st century. We drive companies through the power of data to modernize and provide them with the value they need to face the future with confidence.

Quadpack | SAP Analytics Cloud
Success case

Quadpack is a manufacturer and global supplier of hybrid packaging solutions for beauty brands founded in 2003.

Its consolidation of historical database information and different ERP solutions into a single corporate cloud data center with data modeling functionalities accessible to business users and advanced and assisted consumption of information with SAP Analytics Cloud has been a success.


Big Data, what is it and what is it used for

These large volumes of data can come from various sources (both internal and external) and be used for different projects, from machine learning systems, predictive modeling, and other advanced analytics applications.

Business challenges

Data is only useful if we measure and analyze it to understand what has happened in our business and the environment, know how the business operates, predict the future, and take action.​

Measure, Understand and Predict​

Having clear what data is needed and for what purpose, and having processes and tools to govern a ecosystem of data of great volume, variety and variability.

Strategy and Governance

Make correct decisions in the shortest possible time, based on solid criteria and reliable information about customers, suppliers, employees, business processes, and the environment.​

Decide in real time

Provide each type of decision maker with the right information they need, in an intuitive and user-friendly way, to help them carry out their role and increase the performance of the business.​


The comprehensive visualization of the business through data is the foundation for leading an intelligent company of the future. It enhances decision-making and connects the entire organization.

Comprehensive business vision​
Inteligencia Artificia

Solutions in Data

Data strategy

Carry out an in-depth analysis of your BI ecosystem, based on the application of best practices with the aim of providing clarity regarding the present and future needs of your organization.

Data governance

Allows the administration of master data from a single workbench that integrates systems, workflows, and security so that the master data is created in one place and impacts all systems in the landscape.

Data management

It is the foundation on which any analysis process is based, whether classic, advanced, planning, consolidation or prediction. At SEIDOR we provide solutions to have unique, reliable and valuable data.

Advanced analytics solutions​

The set of solutions based on analytics allows us, in an automatic way, to discover relationships and influences of the different variables or business dimensions on the resulting values.

Enterprise Performance Management​

Implement a more effective monitoring of the operational performance of your business and solve governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) issues.

Big Data

We provide you with the best technology for managing large volumes of data. Handle your data efficiently to analyze and boost your business.

Machine Learning​

It has an advanced analysis model that allows generating results from large volumes of data, historical data, and empirical variables, and finding information.

Custom analytics developments

Reinvent, improve your business processes and generate value with our state-of-the-art analytics packages and developments of dashboards and enterprise applications specially designed​

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