digital solutions

Digital Solutions

We build modern, end-to-end digital solutions.​

Digital Solutions

We build modern, end-to-end digital solutions.​

We live in a new mixed reality, where the physical and the real meet, touch, and coexist. The barrier between the physical and virtual worlds is becoming increasingly blurred.​

We bring an innovative perspective, based on flexibility and collaboration to transform businesses and create solutions based on the cloud and AI, generating new competitive advantages.

Caso de exito 112
CAT112 | AI
Success Case

CAT112, the Centro de Atención y Gestión de Llamadas de Urgencia 112 Cataluña, faced challenges in optimizing its human resources due to the limitations of a dimensioning system based on Excel. To overcome this issue, they developed a custom web solution that incorporates simulation and automatic predictive models.

Agile methodologies

We promote the use of agile methodologies to encourage experimentation, learning, and incremental value contribution.​

AI-First Solutions

That help us transform the business and generate new drivers of value, making intelligent use of data.​

Digital strategy

Evolution of business models through technology and digital channels to achieve greater differentiation and better competitive advantages.​


We design user-centric solutions and rely on the most efficient technologies to generate impact on people, businesses, and society.​



Discover our digital experiences studio, Fail Fast.​

We build modern digital solutions "End to end"

Experience Design

Creativity and technology allow us to deliver value by making the most of the sales and growth opportunities provided by the channels, giving the customer a differential experience.​


Turn ideas into impactful digital experiences through web channels, apps, or e-commerce solutions.​

Modernización de Arquitectura

Cloud first. We facilitate the evolution of your infrastructures, systems, and applications towards the Cloud as a lever for your growth.

Digital Assurance

Beyond traditional quality control, Digital Assurance is not limited to just testing applications on digital interfaces: it is also necessary to ensure that the desired business outcome is achieved

Equipo como servicio

Team as a Service

We build teams to meet the needs of our clients, becoming a true lever for them to achieve sustainable growth.


The true transformation lies in the convergence of technologies such as the cloud, IoT, data, artificial intelligence, and new digital interfaces, which forever change the way we design and develop digital solutions. We not only empower businesses and take them to a new dimension, but we also provide users with new services that were previously unimaginable.

ux design

User experience design in mobile applications: best practices

In the current digital era, where mobile devices are omnipresent in daily life, user experience (UX) design in mobile applications has become a critical factor for the success of any software services company. Here we share the best practices!

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Help Flash | IoT

Help Flash, one of the leading manufacturers of emergency beacons, saw the need to redesign its product to provide it with sufficient connectivity, geopositioning and intelligence to meet the requirements imposed by the Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT); but it also faced other major challenges in designing and manufacturing its product.

Help Flash


TEKA made an important strategic and technological decision to count on SEIDOR as a technological partner to implement a solution that allowed it to connect its household appliances to the internet and turn them into smart appliances.


Erreka I IoT

ERREKA is a division of ERREKA, a cooperative company belonging to the Mondragón Group, dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of systems for the automation of entrances and automatic access control: automatic doors, door and overhead hoist motors and personnel slings.